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Heidi Prahl​. Proudly created with Wix.com

About Me

Thank you for visiting my site - home to my writing and photography work. (Shop coming soon!) 

I'm married to my wonderful husband, Roger, for over 20 years. We have four amazing adult children and live scattered throughout the Chicago area. I cherish every moment I get to spend with my family.

While writing is a passion of mine, I'm just as passionate about social justice issues, which to me, is another way of saying matters of the heart. I believe photos are a powerful means of telling stories and connect words and images in a powerful and dynamic way. 

I also love yoga, baking yummy treats, things that make me laugh, spending time at the beach, reading really good books, searching out the best cupcakes and drinking artisan coffee. 

I'm a recovering church girl. I'm still working out the details of how to mesh my intense love for Jesus with the deep wounds from my church years. It's been a beautifully messy journey that's ever evolving as layers of Truth are revealed in my life. 

You're likely to find a mashup of all of these things here.  Some days the issues of the world hang heavy around my heart and I'll share about that. Some days the freedom from leaving the church and what that continues to teach me me produces messages my heart can't wait to share and other days the hurt from those days has welled up long enough and spills over on the pages. And some days I'm just comforted by a really good cup of coffee in a favorite mug and I'll probably share about that too. (Intelligentsia is my favorite coffee! I'd love to hear yours!) 

Whatever brought you here, I hope you walk away feeling seen, loved, understood and filled with a little more compassion for a hurting world, for each other, and for yourself. 

I hope you'll continue to return regularly so we can continue our journey together. 


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